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標題: UGG ブーツ アウトレット 确定方向和操作的要求之后 [打印本頁]

作者: pf7yi4q0    時間: 2013-12-12 18:10     標題: UGG ブーツ アウトレット 确定方向和操作的要求之后

. After determining the direction and operation requirements, immediately arranged to implement. 2, it plays very rewarding interview in Changsha. Wei Wenbin to Hunan Satellite TV from senior middle and even the general staff, have given her a lot of support, but also let her gain a great deal. Xiaoqing learned under the circumstances, a dragon Xiaoqing arranged to stay longer in Hunan, and later completed a four Xiaoqing manuscript. That was later documented "Fatal two and a half hours," "Entertainment tide flooded the news" and "not on the screen Angry Star", and Wei Wenbin interview, "where entertainment ends." Xiaoqing In these articles,UGG ブーツ アウトレット, the more detailed the Hunan TV introduced us to the efforts of colleagues and confused, tangled and struggling. This state, as there are ideals of professionalism and ethics of the media who are less experienced, different scale degree. So I reviewer, I often ahead of the game. Wei Wenbin interview is worth a visit, he summed up the plight of Hunan Satellite TV internal reasons, but also points out some other issues. Some regret that, for reasons understandable, these manuscripts,UGG ブーツ アウトレット, especially fatal two and a half hours, and finally presented to you, and how many were initially some gaps. However, this is the best choice for the helpless. Until the digital kind came out, we also violate technical processes, doing a lot of pruning,UGG ブーツ 人気, so hurry, should not have appeared at several small mistakes. I later published in the assessment meeting, also made a review. So, special thanks to Hunan TV's friends for their support and understanding. Yang Yang is written, "little theater under the camera." When a dragon with my initial discussions in Beijing requirements mentioned in the theater when mounted on the camera,UGG ブーツ 正規品, I was taken aback, even though I almost do not go the theater to watch a movie. If the monitor fireworks safety, I can understand, but this is clearly not. To be more afraid of fear,UGG ブーツ 店舗, they are so ah? This is indeed another "sad comedy." This article is very suitable for a topic I've always wanted, but were consumed here. These articles, the audit focused on the expression system to work under difficult, even entertainment programs have the same hiding something unspeakable pain. "Zhou Xin entertainment history" somewhat lacking, as published at the meeting talked about assessment, the impact on people's entertainment was not able to fully demonstrate this point, this interview with selected objects are semi-professionals concerned. Popular Chinese Dutch copyright side sounds good production company gave an interview to our correspondent, the "Dutch Why can make good sound" is actually his Stone Mountain. From the "Kyoto Ball Man to Japanese Fairy," I propose to go into a dragon they are recognized. In fact, I like to use is that from Kamimuchi to Japanese Fairy. I swept at home some of the anti-Japanese Fairy fragments after Saowan, I have only one feeling, thought squalling. But such an investment in small-scale distortions of historical drama,アグ モカシン, even gained tremendous benefits. I often think that this obscenity,UGG ブーツ 店舗, not for more than a decade of hard work, paying tens of millions of human lives and enormous material wealth at the time of the Chinese people insult it
。确定方向和操作的要求之后,立即布置落实。2,小青在长沙的采访很有收获。从魏文彬到湖南卫视的高层中层乃至普通员工,都给予了她很多支持,也让她收获匪浅。根据小青了解到的情况,一龙安排了小青在湖南多呆一段时间,后来小青完成了四条稿子。即是后来成文的《致命的两个半小时》、《娱乐潮淹没的新闻人》、《荧屏怒汉不上星》,以及魏文彬的专访,《娱乐止于何处》。小青在这些文章中,比较细致地向我们介绍了湖南卫视同行们的努力与困惑,纠结与挣扎。这种状态,作为有理想有专业精神和职业操守的媒体人,都多多少少遇到过,程度规模不同而已,UGG ブーツ 正規品。所以我在审稿的时候,常心有戚戚。魏文彬的专访很值得一看,他总结了湖南卫视困境的内部原因,也点出了其他一些问题。有些遗憾的是,基于可以理解的原因,这些稿子,尤其是致命的两个半小时,最后呈现给大家的,多少与最初有些差距。不过,UGG ブーツ 人気,这已是无奈中的最佳选择了。直到数码样出来后,我们还违反技术流程,做了很多删改,以至于匆忙中,出现了好几处不该有的小错漏。我后来在评刊会上,也做了检讨。所以,要特别感谢湖南卫视的朋友的支持和理解。杨洋写的是《摄像头下的小剧场》。当一龙最初跟我讨论,提到北京市要求在剧场装上摄像头时,我还是吃了一惊,尽管我几乎不去剧场看戏。若是监控烟火安全等,我还能够理解,但这个显然不是。要多害怕担心,才会这样啊?这确实是另一种“喜剧的忧伤”。这篇文章,很适合我一直想做的一个题目,不过,被这里消费掉了。这几篇文章,集中在表达审核制度下的做事的艰难,连娱乐节目也有同样的难言之隐难言之痛。《周鑫的娱乐简史》有些欠缺,正如评刊会上谈到的,娱乐之于人的影响这点没能充分表现,这与选择的采访对象是半专业人士有关。流行的中国好声音的版权方荷兰的制作公司接受了我们记者的采访,《荷兰为什么能造出好声音》,其实就是他山之石。从《京都球侠到抗日奇侠》,是我提出要放进去的,一龙他们都认可。其实我更想用的是,从神鞭到抗日奇侠。我在家扫过一些抗日奇侠的片段,扫完之后,我只有一个感觉,想骂街。但这样一部扭曲历史的小投资规模的电视剧,竟然获得了巨大的收益。我常想,这种意淫,不是对经过十多年艰苦奋战,アグ モカシン,付出了数千万生命代价和巨大的物质财富的当时的中国人的侮辱么

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